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Episode 40: A Visit From The King

November 14, 2012

Late in August, the Publishing King made a visit to Santa Cruz. The team had been meeting in our backyard twice a month over the summer. These meetings had become quite the fun thing. Wine, food, and great ideas abounded. It would be first first time Steve had come to a Team meeting.

I wanted him to feel part of the team. Part of offering WC equity in MM was to create synergy towards our single goal of radically changing the way we view relationships and dating. Secretly, I hoped the win-win of exchanging book rights for shares would actually become a win-win-win; the last win being a shift away from the subject-sovereign relationship towards one where WC would bring their brilliance to fulfill just one of the many necessary team disciplines.

So on August 25, 2011, Steve sat down in the backyard for his first Team MM meeting. It was only the second time for Judy and me to meet Steve, and the first time for the rest of the team. It was an important meeting. I wanted Steve to feel like he was part of the team that we had been building over the year…and I wanted him to understand the brilliant marketing, engineering and book writing elements that were present on the Team.

We had a chance to discuss concepts for the book cover, the ideals of Mirroring, timelines, and explain the new concepts MM would bring to online dating.

By the end of the day I believe that Steve could see WC’s part in the larger team. From this point forward there was a noticeable shift in our relationship. WC began to look to us more for the lead in marketing direction and branding. They began to collaborate more about dates and timing. We still didn’t have an answer on our contract proposal, but I got the feeling it was looking good.

Once again, the philosophy of putting players on the team rather than hiring out was producing synergy and alignment towards our goal of changing the world.

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