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Troy Pummill: Troy’s background as an inventor, consultant, and entrepreneur brings forth a level of undeniable expertise in his industry.  Troy has spent his entire 25 year career in Silicon Valley working for and consulting to start-up network equipment manufacturers with a specialty in network protocols.  A non-conformist, his knack for recognizing patterns and creating unconventional solutions has led to numerous innovative applications, features and several patents.

A veteran of 20 years of marriage that resulted in a divorce, Troy was led to an experience that profoundly opened his eyes to seeing relationships in a radically different way. Troy combined his epic journey of marriage and 3 years of online dating with his expertise in patterns and protocols to define The Mirror Effect–a different relationship paradigm.

Judy Day: Judy is a CEO, innovator of her market segment, patent holder, and entrepreneur. Judy started her manufacturing company with $500 and a desire to ease people’s pain. 20 years later she deftly handles one of the most complex business operations which includes offshore manufacturing and direct sales to retail chains including Bed, Bath, and Beyond; TJ Max; Kmart; Safeway; as well as more than 3000 individual retailers worldwide.

As a former ICU Nurse, Judy ran a high altitude hospital at the base of Mount Everest and, now, as a result of Troy’s quest to define a different relationship, she has the Everest of relationships. Judy was not only responsible for writing portions of the book, but was also the agent provocateur behind codifying the 6 step process.


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