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Episode 44: The King Speaks…

November 29, 2012

Sept 8, 2011

Just a week after finishing the manuscript and sending it off, I received an email from Steve. He had already read the manuscript! I was stunned and impressed. He was too.

Steve wrote:

I also very much like the latest version of the ms (manuscript). It really is hitting the right notes and is a great read. The writing team has done a great, great job here. Excellent work!

But a couple of days later on the phone we heard a slightly different message. The manuscript was great…great to the point that the material was finished enough for them to polish it into completion.

For those of us from the Silicon Valley that was not a message to be taken lying down. It meant that we had more work to do. We wanted perfection…or at least as a close as newbies could get to it. With just two weeks to go before the due date, we wanted another crack at making it truly as perfect as it could be.

Once again, we reached out to local author and writing teacher, Laura Davis, whom we had contacted previously. At that time, she declined as she was taking the summer off. Now, however, Laura had just returned from her hiatus and we hoped to entice her to work with us for the two weeks remaining before the publisher’s deadline.

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