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Episode 41: It Seemed So Innocuous…

November 15, 2012

A couple of days before, the Publishing King had attended his first Team MM meeting and returned back home. No sooner than he had landed, he emailed a document to Judy and me. The email arrived marked urgent; he explained that the form needed to be completed and returned before the end of the day in order to make the book distributor’s deadline. (In reality, he had sent it previously and I dropped the ball in returning it to him.)

The document was to be used to feed our book’s information into the distributor’s catalog system. It required the information that one might anticipate for a catalog entry: Book title and summary, author’s name and bios, release date, etc. Steve explained that the information would be used to make a catalog. The distributor’s sales people would use the catalog to sell our book to book stores and various other outlets.

It seemed simple enough…

Little did we realize how this one little form would threaten the entire project. Within six weeks, things would get ugly.

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  1. Dang…this is getting to be my daily soap!!

  2. lol, I guess it does feel a little like that 🙂

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