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Episode 39: Out Of The Shadows…

November 13, 2012

In August, Judy and I attended a class on understanding your internal judgments and preconception of others. This, in itself, was enlightening, but what happened at the end of one class was truly fascinating.

The trainers had known Judy for some time. They had worked with and had become accustomed to the Judy that was strong and powerful; the woman who used an outer armor to protect her softer side.

At the end of one of the evenings (at a session I hadn’t been able to attend), the instructor unexpectedly lit into Judy. She complained that Judy was living in a fantasy world. In witnessing the fun, joy, and tenderness between me and Judy, she had come to the opinion that our love wasn’t real.She accused Judy of living a lie–insisting that she had changed her core so that she might fit better into our relationship. Because Judy had softened, the instructor stated, Judy had become a shadow of herself.

This overt challenge was jarring for Judy to receive…and was way off the mark. Judy was not a shadow of herself. Instead, she had discarded the shadow and in its place was the real, true Judy. Soft, tender, unprotected. Judy was still very powerful, but the power came from a different, more organic place. The tender, loving, sensitive, unprotected woman with a giving heart had completely emerged from behind her wall…and, boy, was she beautiful.

That’s the power of the Mirror relationship.

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  1. I would have loved to have seen Judy at work in that situation!! Hope this person apologized to Judy!! Still waiting to hear what happened with your proposal to book company???? I’m sure it went in your favor, but left me hanging???? On purpose or did i miss something in your post?

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