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Episode 48: My Kingdom For A Seat

December 4, 2012

With the book safely delivered, we shifted our focus to other items that hand long been on our list, but ignored due to the book deadline. On the short list was the need to obtain some market research, file a couple patents, and get to Fiji for our wedding.

The first two weren’t too bad. We created a survey to find out what online daters thought about the services they used and the experiences they had using them. We wanted to know what they loved and hated about online dating–their answers would help us define better how the Mirror relationship would fit into the existing market. The patents would then protect the unique methods the Mirror Effect would bring to creating a radically different online dating experience.

Neither of these tasks were that difficult to complete. Getting to Fiji for our wed-away turned out to be the real challenge.

The airline had planned maintenance work on part of its fleet in October. In preparation, the airline needed to move some reservations to accommodate the reduced capacity. In doing so, they accidently debooked EVERY itinerary they had in the computer for the entire month of October! To recover, they had to reenter each booking by hand. The resulting chaos meant they didn’t know how many seats would be available or when they might be available.

Being that Fiji is not a very large place (especially the island we had chosen for our nuptials), aligning airline and resort availability was a hair-pulling experience.

Would we ever get married?

For tomorrow: Black Thursday

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