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Episode 31: MM is Born (The 3rd Step in the Death of Online Dating)

September 26, 2012

Judy and I had just returned from a fabulous trip to Paris. We celebrated Judy’s birthday, plus both the anniversary of our second first date and the beginning of the writing of our book. We strolled town hand in hand, ate and drank like Parisians, and kissed every chance we got. We had a blast.

Upon our return, we were greeted with a very important envelope in the mail. We had always planned for this phase of the project, but now it was official…really official. Printed there in black and white, signed, governmentally approved were our incorporation documents. Our little project had officially become a company -–
Magical Matches, Inc.

Because our relationship was different – groundbreaking in a way that had rarely been seen in relationships before – we knew that we would need to write a book to explain the relationship and how to find it. In the same way, we knew that the path to finding this type of relationship was different than had never been done before. Certainly, online dating would be the vehicle; however, there was no way the current crop of online dating sites would be able to deliver on our revolutionary vision and methodology for dating and selecting partners. We needed a new type of online dating site. Thus, Magical Matches was born.

Magical Matches would be built around new principles. Where all the other sites focus on getting their subscribers to the first date, we would instead focus on the relationship–a first in online dating. Everything that subscribers had come to expect from on online dating would change with Magical Matches. Between the book and the dating site, we would actually be able to guide people to the right relationship rather than just leaving it them to figure it out on their own.

Just thinking about the possibilities for helping others to find what Judy and I shared was incredibly exciting!

We were about to embark on an entirely different phase of our project of bringing profoundly connected, easy, harmonious, loving relationships to the world.

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