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Episode 30: The Hotel is on Fire…Salute!

September 25, 2012

One morning we awoke to the sound of the hotel fire alarm–a nasty, blaring sound that is designed to pierce steel and concrete; just imagine what it does to the soft tissues of the ear and brain! It went off once, then stopped and went off again. By the time it had gone off for the third time, I got up and headed to the lobby. “Sorry, false alarm. Go back to bed” was the message. The alarm continued to cycle off and on for about a half hour. Since we weren’t sleeping, and we were in Paris, there was only one thing that could be done — open champagne! We poured champagne, saluted (translation: cheers!) the neighbors from the balcony, and laughed the morning away drinking bubbly.

Le BourbonSince we were in Paris, I wanted to show Judy where the first words of the book had taken shape. As we had been doing all week, we meandered the side streets taking in Paris’ amazing architecture and art until we made our way to Le Bourbon. We sat at the very same table I had a year earlier, when I wrote the opening to the book:


…Why is it that some are so in love that the world shrinks until there are only two hearts – aflame, together, joyously happy – while others seem dead to the romance that is unarguably Paris? … How can one learn to know the difference between a relationship that is good and one mere words are powerless to describe? From whence comes faith to know that there is a superlative match, an extraordinary relationship for me…..and for you?
As a warm shower begins to patter upon the cobblestone road, without a doubt, I absolutely know that she exists and that we will find each other soon…..and by the time your eyes peer upon the last word of this book, I know that you will feel the same!

What an incredible feeling it was to have been there a year earlier knowing that this relationship was coming and now to be at that very same table with Judy.

We came to Paris and kissed, loved, and laughed as we had dinners on small cobblestone streets under the stars. It was a magical experience: Our love, this relationship, the city…all magical.

There is no doubt–Judy is my Magical Match.

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