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Episode 32: The Book Proposal That Started It All

September 29, 2012

This is a copy of the book proposal that found us a publisher in 15 minutes in Episode 19. This proposal started the proverbial ball really rolling on our project — and in mid-July 2011 flourished into reality with the incorporation of Magical Matches.

The Book Proposal

Executive Summary
The book defines a different type of relationship and its ability to produce powerful, compelling, deeper connections that profoundly transform lives. A simple, tangible 6-step process guides the reader through employing a new type of online dating profile to find their Magical Matches.

Book/Market Summary:
Online dating is a business success despite its well-known inability to deliver matches to the majority of its customers. Millions of subscribers spend over $1B annually on online dating without a formula for achieving their goal.

The authors believe that a perfect storm exists between online dating; the lack of a formula for picking partners; the deterioration of traditional relationships; and the awe-inspiring pattern of our different type of relationship that produces pairings of amazing connection and harmony.

Backed by empirical evidence and a powerful pattern in nature, we have developed a simple, *tangible* 6-step process to assist millions of online daters to filter the masses to those few with whom they share the deepest of connections – their Magical Matches.

The authors are passionately committed to the work of changing the face of relationships and how we select life partners through promotion of our book.

Business Plan Summary

    Book sales

    • Traditional and E-book publishing
    • Book website

    Book Promotion

    • Book Tour – Establish schedule to tour all major US Cities timed to the book’s release
    • Public Relations – Approach Russell Quinnan, top-level PR exec to the Fortune 500, as a partner to join the MM team
    • Personal Coaching
    • Seminars, Webinars, Classes
    • Speaking Engagements
    • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – target viral effect

Magical Matches Properties

    Status: Domain purchased, search underway for top-gun web guru to join MM as partner

    • Book site for sales
    • Blog/RSS Feed/FAQ/Knowledge Base
    • Advertising platform for all MM properties

    Dating Site

    • Domain purchased
    • Online dating site targets a different type of relationship
    • Launch to be sync’d to book
    • Subscription-based model
    • High-touch Customer Services
    • Webinars
    • Book sales


And that’s it — the book proposal that started this whole project rolling…

(To those who are faithfully reading, I apologize for the breaking the consistency of this unfolding story by not posting more regularly. With the project scheduled to release in approximately 6 weeks, the book cover is the project that refuses to die, we’re preparing to meet the press mid-oct [which means dealing with publicity experts, image consultants, etc.], still working on approving the book for printing, finishing the web design and implementation, and lord knows what else I’ve missed….while still working a full-time job. Please bear with me as I work through the list of items and I’ll tell the story as I can. Some of the most interesting, and unbelievable turns, are yet to come! thanks…troy)

Click here for Episode 33: The Publishing Contract

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  1. It’s getting so close…you must be going crazy about now! So excited for you!!!

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