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Episode 10: Oh, BTW, I’m Engaged…

August 20, 2012

By Oct 2010, Judy and I were working our way through love dumb month number three.  Hot on the heels of our return from Mendocino, I decided it was time to introduce Judy to one of my favorite hobbies—car racing.  About twice a year, for the last 15 years, I can be found in my car driving circles round a race track—Buttonwillow, Thunderhill, Willow Springs, even the world-famous Laguna Seca.  There’s nothing quite like the marriage of man and machine at 110MPH.  Now, it was time to find out if my new love would join in for a little ménage-a-car.

Judy ate it up.  She drove around the track with wild abandon, a little too wild.  She was fast.  Fast down the straight, fast into the corners, fast out of the corners.  But this driving style is not exactly the way it should be done–it wears everything out.  Predictably, by 3:00 in the afternoon, she was dead asleep in a chair in our track-side garage.  She wore out the car, too.  The front brake pads on the car were toasted, a feat I had never accomplished in my all my years of track time.  In the end, it was really no surprise to me that Judy loved it.  That’s just another part of this different type of relationship we share (I’ll talk more about this different type of relationship in detail as we get nearer the project unveiling.  Stay tuned!).

A week after racing, Judy headed to China for business.  It was sad and difficult for us to be separated.  But we talked on the phone, killing one prepaid calling card after another, and kept up a constant stream of lovemails to each other.

From: Judy
To: Troy

I miss you and am amazed that you and your love came into my life.  How did I get so lucky? I was just landing on the fact that it seems surreal. I have been coming to these manufacturing shows for years and I just got this feeling while walking the showfloor that I am now a completely different person.  Our love and relationship is more of how I define myself and my life now.  I am an “us” more than an “I”.  My gawd man, I have a ring on my finger!

And I love it, love you, love me, love us and am just flabbergasted that we have a relationship with everything I ever wanted. I thought this impossible.


From: Troy
To: Judy

My heart misses your touch, my soul your sweet presence, my face your amazing touch.  It’s been such a short time with you to be so long without you.  Yet the gift that you are in my life fills me  – fills me with such happiness and love.  I feel blessed beyond dreams.

I can’t wait to have you back in my arms, to hold you and tell you once again how much I love you.  I can’t wait to make you my bride.

And with Judy in China, I finally had time to reacquaint myself with real life for a moment…the kind of moment where you actually pick up the phone to call your parents to tell them you’ve been engaged for a month.  “Is there a picture of us?  Well, sorta.  Here you go, Mom.”  And this is what she got.  Don’t laugh!  It’s the best of what I had!

Finally, after seven excruciating days apart from each other, Judy came home and we were off to our next love dumb activity – couples’ erotic massage.

Click here for Episode 11: Couples’ Erotic Massage

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  1. Love Judy’s track experience…LOL. I can imagine how wide your eyes were watching in amazement!! Too funny!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful lovemail….very special!!

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