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Episode 14: Sleep is for the Weak

August 24, 2012

“Sleep is the for the weak…the week after release” was a phrase common to the Silicon Valley’s Internet bubble of the late 1990s. No one was sleeping during those heady times. The rallying cry was, “Work faster! The release date is almost upon us!” as if, with deadlines bulleting by, the competition might ambush the market before we could strike first.

As 2010 closed, I found myself reincarnated back to that era. I was still authoring our book on the iPad—an amazing device, but without an integrated backup mechanism. The remedy was to email the sections to myself. The string of emails revealed a one man battle against time. Incoming email at 4am. Again at 7am. A lull in the fighting as the day job begins, then more incoming mail at 6pm, 10pm, and midnight. Day after day, week after week, the same thing over again. Between the writing, my day job and sleep deprivation, I was beginning to feel battle fatigue.

But the year had also been incredibly exciting. I had started on the book in Paris, found the love of my life, and Stefanie had arrived at just the right moment to balance my radical notions with sage experience.

Just ahead, 2011 looked to be very promising…and our little triumvirate was about to be launched headlong into a torrent of insurmountable opportunities.

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