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Episode 43: Four Wedding Dates and a Manuscript

November 28, 2012

It was the beginning of September and Judy and I were trying to pick a wedding date–again.

During the entire book writing and editing process, Judy and I had been searching for an opening to get married. It wasn’t as if we were waiting to see if we were right for each other. Our Mirror connection and relationship was incredibly strong—we were definitely more than soul mates. The problem was that the from the moment we met, we had both been working day jobs, writing a book, and building a Silicon Valley startup. There just wasn’t time to set a wedding date and chase down all of the requirements that a wedding entails–which is almost laughable as we weren’t intending a grand spectacle. We wanted a simple, small ceremony. I even attempted to circumvent the entire process and do it on the fly when we were in Sydney on Valentine’s Day. As we walked by several cruise ships that were in port, I said to Judy, “Let’s go find the Captain and have him marry us.” No Go, Houston, she wanted to be married in her own wedding dress.

After that attempt, we thought that we might make it to the altar in July. But July came and went in a blink without ceremony—literally and figuratively.

So we set our targets on October. Surely things would be calmer after the end-September deadline to get the book to the publisher. Judy started making inquiries about a destination wedding in Fiji and after having just sent the book to the publisher and in the middle of creating a company, she started shopping for a wedding dress.

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  1. Finally!! LOL

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