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Episode 35: The FrigginChillerDontYaSpillerKillerita

November 8, 2012

On July 20, a password-protected Word file showed up in my inbox (remember, we were in stealth mode. All of the documents had to be encrypted before mailing). It was the first round of edits from Heather! She had spent about a month digging through the manuscript—chopping, aligning, re-arranging. Basically, it was a thorough cleaning.

Looking at what had been done, I was grateful, but had expected things to move at a much faster clip. I know from personal experience that editing someone else’s work is quite difficult; still I hoped to be further along. It was just another of the misalignments between the Silicon Valley and the Publishing world. Unfortunately, more would be coming…

Right about this time we started holding Team MM meetings in our backyard. With Judy, Stef, Terry, and Heather on the team, it was important to start bringing the different disciplines into alignment—a single cohesive team all focused on the same goal.

Our inaugural team meeting was a warm sunny day. Everyone had a chance to meet for the first time as we crunched on savory snacks, barbequed tri-tip and drank my own special margarita invention, the FriggingChillerDontYaSpillerKillerita–freshly squeezed oranges, lemons and limes; 2 different types of top-end Tequilas; and a splash of Margarita Mix; all chilled. Add Cointreau; a splash of Limeade; stir over one ice cube; and top with Grand Marnier. Two of these will set you free…guaranteed.

We discussed editing the book and how the website features I had in my head might play out in real implementation. I had already begun laying out the website in Balsamiq, implementing in wireframes the features that would change the way people experienced online dating.

As we talked, Terry took my ideas and started crafting them into features. His concepts of how we would make the algorithms and implement new technologies was awe-inspiring.

Mostly, though, we just brainstormed—something that would become a hallmark of Team MM meetings. I found it very useful to just let people hear my ideas and concepts, then to let them add their own creative brilliance. I think too few companies leave time for brainstorming, yet it’s the most fertile ground for innovation.

Good food, amazing people, great drinks, and incredible ideas being tossed around in the sun. Clearly, we were on our way…

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One Comment
  1. Love reading your blogs….I think while you’re at it, you need to market your “FriggingChillerDontYaSpillerKillerita!” Thank you for clearing up the mystery, you left me hanging yesterday…as per your intent, I’m sure!

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