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Episode 26: Editor On Board

September 13, 2012

We needed to get Heather up to speed quickly on the project, so a week after our first meeting, we hosted Heather at our home. On a slightly cool ocean summer day we sat in the backyard, discussed the book’s principles and laid out how we thought the book might be best executed. Fortunately for us, Heather already had some knowledge of our concepts–the different type of profoundly deep relationship that I had spent three years personally researching and refining. She was also an author, former publisher and ghostwriter. We felt certain that we had once again landed in the right place.

And it was a good thing. With just a little over 2 months left before the deadline, we were going to need all the firepower we could muster.

Our manuscript’s security also need to be addressed. Email was convenient, but messages are too easily forwarded to the wrong recipient–I did not want our intellectual property freely floating around the Internet. We needed a way to protect our manuscript even if it ended up in the wrong hands.

I decided that any emailed files were to be password encrypted—and the lock and key must be separated; therefore, the encryption password would be sent in a different email than the manuscript files.

Feeling that our universe was in order and secured, we sent Heather off with the latest copy of the manuscript. She said that it would take her some time to get the lay-of-the-land and return the first round of edits.

It was wait and see, but it didn’t feel like the Bookmuda Triangle. We had the feeling that great things were about to happen.

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