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Episode 16: Let’s Get Married…Today!

August 28, 2012

When our first weekend in Sydney arrived, Judy wanted to go shopping–easy to do in Sydney, mate. Clothes, jewelry and opals, art—Sydney has it all. A cruise ship port, Sydney has a beautiful concrete and tall-glass harbor-side tourist shopping experience that just happens to lie in the shadow of the Opera House. Just off the subway, we passed the docked commuter fairies and made a beeline towards the shops. They were touristy, but not terribly so. As we moved from storefront to storefront, Judy spied a beautiful blue-hued necklace crafted from mother of pearl. I had to admit it was quite lovely. That was enough for me. It left the shop around her neck.

Afterwards we walked uptown, enjoying the beautiful down-under sunshine. We passed the super art-techy Apple Store (I had to go inside) and gradually worked our way up to the historic Queen Victoria Building.

Built in 1898–ornate, opulent and beautiful–the QVB is filled with shops, coffee shops and small restaurants. Being observant colonist, we stopped for afternoon tea and made our way from shop to shop until we reached the cellar where we found some really interesting individual-serving teapots that we had seen at a restaurant earlier in the week. Another successful purchase! In a custom jewelers, Judy fell in love with a spectacular opal ring, but it was too pricey, so we decided not to take it. She did score some sexy boots (that were taller than the Eifel Tower) to be worn for our Valentine’s dinner.


Before we left the building, we stopped for yet more pizza! Nope, still not as good as Davide’s.


Afternoon turned into early evening, so we headed back to our North Sydney love nest. As we passed the docked cruise ships, I looked a Judy and said, “Let’s go find the captain and have him marry us!”. It seemed like a grand idea. But Judy wasn’t having any of it. She had images of a gown (actually more than one) and a ceremony—you know, the whole Cinderella thing. “Come on honey. There’s some daylight left, we’ll go find a dress”. No deal.

We had Thai food instead.

Oh, well. I tried.

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