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Episode 3: The Profile Works – Perfectly!

August 12, 2012

Just seven days after sitting in that Paris cafe, I was standing on Judy’s doorstep.   I hate to admit it, but at that moment, I couldn’t quite recall her face, but I did remember her being beautiful, tall and lean.  She was also a very powerful woman.  She had lived for four months in a hut on the Red Sea, hiked through Africa alone (at times just miles ahead of a Ugandan civil war), run a high-altitude hospital at the base of Everest, and for 20 years, had been the CEO of her own very successful company. Judy imbued the air with a formidable presence.

A quiet table at an Italian restaurant near the ocean was the venue for our rediscovery—and it started, like most dates do, with some small talk: “What have you been doing for the last couple years…”?  (If you’ve dated, you know the drill.)  But with Judy, there was none of that usual awkwardness. We sipped wine and relished the incredible pasta and got to know each other again.  Unlike the first time we dated, a real connection was forming.  It was something deep and rare…but it wasn’t a surprise.

You see, I had sent Judy my online profile to read before our date.  It was a profile whose genesis emerged from another first date that happened in Jan 2008 with Helen—a meeting that changed *everything* I thought I knew about dating and relationships.  That date, too, started at a quiet table with the customary small talk.  And then something happened.  As time passed, we connected.  And then connected more…and more and more.  And then connection turned into gravity, pulling us together.  It wasn’t attraction or lust.  It was something much deeper, calmer, peaceful, soulful.    Within 60 minutes we knew something very unique was happening. Within 14 days we were falling in love.  By 28 days we were engaged.  In the end it didn’t work out, but my life had been irrevocably changed.  I knew that I could never live without that depth and power of connection again.  Nothing else would ever do.  And from that experience I built a new type of online profile, designed to find a different type of relationship.

So being with Judy was no accident.  Even two years after our first meeting, my profile still resonated deeply within her.  She was compelled to reach back out to me and now, here we were experiencing that very same connection and gravity—only stronger and deeper.  Between the words and the transparency, the feelings and experiences, and the heart and soul, I had found what I had been looking for.

By the end of the evening, we were both falling in love…

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